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Did you know...?

• Pangolin is a mammal of tropical Africa

• Scientific Names:
Comon pangolin (Manis temminckii),
Giant pangolin (Manis gigantea),
Tree pangolin (Manis tricuspis)

• Pangolin are very rare

• Pangolin are shy and mainly solitary

• Pangolin are well-armoured with large, hardened, equally-spaced overlapping scales, making them look like a pinecone

• Pangolin know how to protect themselves very well when threatened, by rolling into a ball and erecting their scales pointing upward

• Pangolin are ant and termite-eaters

• Pangolin is thought to be magical. People believe the sight of a Pangolin will bring them
7 years of prosperity

• Sometimes the scales are burned to keep lions and other wild animals away

• Pangolin are strong, unique, non-violent, self-protective, resilient, friendly, and ancient.


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